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Week 1, Term 2, 2009:

This week we learned about Anzac day and did a painting. Our paintings have poppies and crosses in Flanders field.
When we studied Anzac we read a poem called in Flanders field. - By Lily and Joe

Week 2, Term 2, 2009:
This week we had the George Brothers in our class. We took the George brothers to singing practice in the Church. On Friday we had Mass at the Church. - By Sophie M and Lily

Week 3, Term 2, 2009:

This week we did Autumn paintings with Mrs Harrison in Room 1. Then we went over it with brown pastels it was great
fun. - By Shania and Sophie M

Week 4, Term 2, 2009:
This week we did School Swimming it was awesome .On Monday we walked to the pool, the rest of the days we went on the bus. - By Shania and Kate

Week 5, Term 2, 2009:
This week we did reflection paintings. We did them about a cool city. We rubbed on them with spoons - it was excellent. - By Kate and Felix

Week 6, Term 2, 2009:
This week we did our Sir Edmund Hillary title pages. We also used Blooms thinking skills to help us learn about Sir Edmund Hillary. - By Felix and Jordyn

Week 7, Term 2, 2009:

This week we stared drawing pictures for art. They are of roads with power lines on the left side and on the right side there are trees. Miss Lischner took choir practice and they are doing a performance at the Ashburton Event Centre on Monday 22 June. - By Jordyn and Laura
Week 8, Term 2, 2009:

This week we have been doing posters of Sir Edmund Hillary. We have been doing lots more like...art, jump jam and we have Mrs Harrison in to teach us every Wednesday. - By Laura and Lambert

Week 9, Term 2, 2009:

This week we have been doing prayers for Mrs Brassell .On Friday we are having the talent quest prelims which is today . This week and next week Room 1 are doing posters on Inspiring People. - By Lambert and Olivia

Week 10, Term 2, 2009:

This week on Thursday there was the Talent Quest Finals.Today which is Friday, it is the end of term 2 and everyone is going to have happy holidays. - By Olivia and William