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Week 1, Term 4, 2009:

This week we did our high jump finals. This was very exciting. The results were 1st Veronica, 2nd Millie, and Georgia - this was the girls. The boys were 1st William, 2nd Flynn, and 3rd William A. By Georgia and Mickayla

Week 2, Term 4, 2009:

This week we had Grandparents Day. We had lots of fun! The Grandparents did the chicken dance and the makarana with us and watched us do jump jam. The songs we learned this term were "I like to move it" and "Funky Town". Today we are watching a movie. By Max and Georgia

Week 3, Term 4, 2009:

This week we did athletics in the afternoon. We also got into groups and danced to beats. We also did pictures with crayons. By Jessie and Max

Week 4, Term 4, 2009:

This week some people had counties on Friday. We started learning about fabric and fibre and we were in groups. One group would be on the computer doing visuwords, another group was on the laptops making a title page with wordle, there was another group doing circle maps and another group doing a worksheet. By Samantha and Jessie

Week 5, Term 4, 2009:
This week we had buddy reading in our family groups and also went to the Life Education Van. It was fun with Harold and we learnt about friends inside the Life Education Van. By Dallas and Samantha

Week 6, Term 4, 2009:
This week we had ERO here and they were inspecting our school and asked a few people some questions. We had an assembly on Friday afternoon. By Ella and Dallas

Week 7, Term 4, 2009:
This week we had singing practice at our church. We also have been learning about ADVENT. By Joe and Ella